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Thursday, 16 February 2012

NYFW: Levis

LEVIS: Bearded BOY

SO the end of New York Fashion Week saw Levis ditch their cleaner cut image in favour of redneck-chic. Bearded brawn adorned their latest collection and using everyday looking models gave the impression that Levis do not take themselves too seriously.

 Bright Orange pants Vs Rusty Stubble.
Winter grey pallette brightened up with a burnt orange brogue.
New Take on classic denim JACKET. minus the red tab.
 A denim cutoff mixes the tailoring of a shirt with casual edge.
Reject that preened look with a highwaisted stone jean, granddad jersey and blue check outerwear -for that just ploughed the field -look.
 Warm colour pallette with fantastic exaggerated rib and collar detailing.
 Clothes in motion

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