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Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Hey People.

I've been in London all day with work so haven't had time to blog. Tubes and Trains = zero WiFi. I was on the hunt for some trendy individuals but The Big Smoke didn't really offer me anything too exciting.

I managed to grab ten minutes in the Oxford Street Topshop Flagstore, which had created a whole 90s Grunge Oldskool vibe throughout!

Acid wash Denim, Bleached Denim, Faded Denim, Studded Denim. Denim Overload. I want these purple cut offs NOW!



Studded Glove. Studs again! Don't mess with this bitch.

NEON: Not so sure about this take on the current trend to be honest. Sports Luxe? Sports Sux
MILITARY: Coat? Check. Boots? Check. Quiffed Bouffant? Check.


  1. You won't find trendy on Oxford Street you will find clones. Go to shoreditch, brick lane or camden. Gold mines for style

  2. Hey Parker! I know what you mean i was just in back to back supplier meetings at work thats why so only had time to run into Topshop for a browse! Hopefully Ill find more talent in Shoreditch and even SoHo. Thanks for the comment