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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Payday Swag

So payday finally arrived. Asos raped my wallet. I decided to Fuck my life with this Reclaimed Vintage sweater. Currently sold out so FYLs bitches!

One of my favourite Asos brands is Horace who I will be posting more about tomorrow. I've had my soul on this bizarre jacket for months but couldn't afford it until it went in sale. It gives you a kind of hunchback of Notre DamÄ— geek chic appearance -which I'm feeling right now. Bowl haircut not included.

Peace and algebra answers. X

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Streetwear: Trapstar's that annoying time of the year again. The festive season is over the beach seems further away than ever and the cuntass wind chill makes the average journey to work unbearable.

If like me you're too tight fisted to invest in seasonal accessories (sunglasses not included) then you're probably feeling the chill. Normally I rely on the seasonal sales to purchase said woollen hat -however every one I've had my eye on is either still full priced (Urban Outfitters you know who you are) or sold out before payday!

However help is at hand- my latest must have is pretty much EVERYTHING from Trapstar
London based Trapstar has adorned ghetto fabulous superstar Romeo and Juliet Rihanna and Chris Brown to fashion hot bitch Cara Delevigne.

Seasonal shop now at

Pick up a Trapstar bobble hat at a modest £25.00 which should see you through the end of the big freeze. My personal fave Irongate Black Bobble currently sold out. FML. Team with the wool and leather biker jacket or add a 90s vibe with the Trapstar beanie. Orange it for the grunge factor.

Peace and warm hugs x

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Sunday, 27 January 2013

My Homeboy Brian Lichtenberg

Sick of being too poor for couture? More McDonalds than McQueen?

LA based designer Brian Litchenberg has created a collection that pokes fun at just that! Why have a Hermes bag when you can have a Homies sweater! He's clever unisex streetwear brand has taken the logo tee to a knew level.

True Del Boy style wear them loud and proud people. Bask in your poverty, stick two fingers up to the wealthy fashionistas strutting around town.

Litchenberg's range comes in the form of tshirts, sweaters and caps all of which are unisex and come in black, white and orange. The A list have also bought into this knock off trend with the likes of Cara Delevigne sporting a Bucci vest. Forget Gucci so last season. The lovely Nicola Roberts of Girls Aloud has a Homies tee as does Miley Cyrus in a sweat.

My favourite has to be the tango orange version it looks bumtingz on Alexandra Burke. You can buy them from Browns London sweaters priced at £100 with T-shirts £65. Fashion dilemma: they've sold out of my orange one!

I spent a productive afternoon in work trying to locate other online suppliers but they are all based in the US making shipping costs wallet rape. So until stocks replenish I may have to make my own Channelle tee. Ingenious! Brian if you read this you put this into work for me ASAP. Thanks.

Peace and street hugs. X

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Pink Thursday

As the working week draws to a close I thought I'd brighten up the office today with a neon pink ensemble.
The best part about working in fashion is getting free samples. Unfortunately working for a womenswear brand means I don't get many -unless I need a new lace dress.
I got given this pink monstrosity and thought it was the perfect piece to wear with my Nike Air Ones. These treads are my pride and joy and have seen me through the winter whilst making sure everyone els sees me.
Retro chunkass rubber sole heaven. Team with an acid wash skinny jean. Ankles out. Obvs. And a chunky oversized cable knit. No one likes a try hard.

Neo Pink Knit - Simply Be AW14 collection
Acid Wash skinny - ASOS
Nike Air 1 - Size

Keep the peace. Raw-Couture

Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Through the joy of Instagram I discovered a relatively new brand called WIA Collections and I'm completely bumming it off right now!

With a mash up of 90s grunge, tie dye, Indian influences and Egyptian motives this is a brand unlike any other I've come across.

Taking streetwear to another dimension with their collection of one size unisex tees and exquisite bomber jackets WIA are not afraid to be different, offbeat and standoffish.

The look book is styled as bizarrely as their graphics however I can't help but admit that it all looks fuckable. Elements of the surreal clash but somehow fit perfectly.

This is most definitely a brand I want in my wardrobe. In fact I want it. All. Now. Visit to rape the online shop. Before I best you to it.

Peace Raw-Couture