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Sunday, 27 January 2013

My Homeboy Brian Lichtenberg

Sick of being too poor for couture? More McDonalds than McQueen?

LA based designer Brian Litchenberg has created a collection that pokes fun at just that! Why have a Hermes bag when you can have a Homies sweater! He's clever unisex streetwear brand has taken the logo tee to a knew level.

True Del Boy style wear them loud and proud people. Bask in your poverty, stick two fingers up to the wealthy fashionistas strutting around town.

Litchenberg's range comes in the form of tshirts, sweaters and caps all of which are unisex and come in black, white and orange. The A list have also bought into this knock off trend with the likes of Cara Delevigne sporting a Bucci vest. Forget Gucci so last season. The lovely Nicola Roberts of Girls Aloud has a Homies tee as does Miley Cyrus in a sweat.

My favourite has to be the tango orange version it looks bumtingz on Alexandra Burke. You can buy them from Browns London sweaters priced at £100 with T-shirts £65. Fashion dilemma: they've sold out of my orange one!

I spent a productive afternoon in work trying to locate other online suppliers but they are all based in the US making shipping costs wallet rape. So until stocks replenish I may have to make my own Channelle tee. Ingenious! Brian if you read this you put this into work for me ASAP. Thanks.

Peace and street hugs. X

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