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Sunday, 4 March 2012

AQO: A Question Of...

I came across the brand A Question Of recently and was impressed with their concept of sustainable clothing that supports FAIR TRADE and uses pure ORGANIC cotton.
In a world of THROWAWAY fashion. A Question Of are the good guys. AND as well as caring for the welfare of their factory workers in Africa - they also know how to design a good graphic or two.
You cant go wrong with a minimalist colour palette of blacks greys and white. Creating Tees and Sweaters with simple and iconic graphics that are original and set themselves apart from other brands.
It's now COOL to care about our environment so why not become an ECO YUPPIE with A Question Of''s collection of playful sweaters. A nice exaggerated neckline completes the look.
For the FASHIONISTAS amongst us they have even created inky caricatures of the ever iconic ANNA WINTOUR and KARL LAGERFELD. MUST HAVE.

I am now proud owner of TWO A Question Of Tees and shall be showcasing them shortly. They're bright, original -and FABULOUS DARLING! stay tuned.

(available on as well as A Question Of online site)


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